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We care about your home’s air quality!

Make an appointment with our friendly chimneysweepers!

Ottawa’s Choice Chimney Specialists

When it comes to chimney services, including sweeping and inspections, Ottawa residents have put their trust in Capital Chimney Sweep Inc.
for over 35 years.

Breathe Easy, Year-Round

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With your family’s comfort, safety and health in mind, we’re certified to take on a whole range of services to help keep your home’s air and wood-burning system clean, including:

Professional Affiliations & Certifications

Capital Chimney Sweep is fully insured for liability and is covered by Workers’ Compensation.

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Spring Cleaning & Insurance Purposes

Schedule an inspection/cleaning of your wood-burning system.


Repairs Made Easy

We’re also trained and equipped to take on masonry repairs.


Reduce Hazards

When’s the last time you had your chimney cleaned?

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